• Dr. Thomas Farley, Commissioner New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, NY

    “ It is brave to speak out against tobacco industry marketing practices. The insider's perspective is unique, very rare, and demonstrates so clearly why the regulations New York City has proposed are needed. Thank you for making the lives and the health of New York adults and youth a priority. ”

  • Kevin Schroth, Esq Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Tobacco Control New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, NY,

    “ Ms. Wright's research and expert testimony made an overwhelming case for the need for [Tobacco 21 and Sensible Tobacco Enforcement] tobacco laws in our city. It is a contribution that will benefit our city for many years to come. We are so grateful for her support. ”

  • Bob Skilling, Senator Senator Kosrae State Legislature (Micronesia,

    “ It was a pleasure listening to your presentation. You are a true hero in my book. Keep up the good work that you are doing! ”

  • Mark Levin, Associate Professor The William S. Richardson School of Law, The University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI,

    “ La Tanisha captivated a sizable audience completely with a presentation that was important and effective. I was sitting in the back at a table with mostly Native Hawaiian friends who, not surprisingly, seemed especially understanding and welcoming of La Tanisha's views. ”

  • Tommy Ford, Actor T Ford Model Productions, FL,

    “ I’m so proud of La Tanisha for speaking out against the tobacco industry and protecting our youth! Take it from ‘Tommy from the Martin Show’...we’ve all got a job! ”

  • Steve Fitzhugh, Former NFL player, Youth Communicator Power Moves, DC,

    “ The trainer had excellent command of her information. Excellent amount of material. Provoking. ”

  • Margaret Ellis, Educator Coahoma County High School, MS,

    “ La Tanisha is very poised, attractive, and articulate. She presented her material to high school students in a format that kept their attention. As a result of her presentation, many of my students said they will not engage in tobacco products. My students saw her as not only a role model, but as a BIG SISTER. It is so gratifying to know that we have such positive role models for our students today. ”

  • Lynne Arrow, Tobacco Cessation Specialist Marion County Public Health Department, IN,

    “ POWERFUL is the best word to describe your presentation. ”

  • Mindy Walsh, Registered Nurse State of Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities, FL,

    “ I was a target in the 90’s – the young, hip clubs of Philly were my stomping grounds. Camel would come to our clubs and handout free packs of cigarettes. I became hooked on Camel 9’s by this method. These were gay clubs, so another focus group itself. They would get your address and send cigarette coupons for free packs all the time. Bravo to you for leaving Big Tobacco and using your knowledge to educate and make positive changes! Wonderful presentation! Thank you! ”

  • DaNelle Jenkins, Senior Health Educator Northern Kentucky Health Department,

    “ Ms. Wright is continually doing big things! I'm so excited to see word of this tobacco documentary that exposes some of these strategies that ultimately do great harm in our communities. ”

  • Ed Steckly, Teacher Lowville Academy and Central School, NY,

    “ Thank you very much for giving your presentation to our Middle School and High School students. I appreciate your willingness to come and share your passionate information with us. I did hear some kids talking about it, and the comment ‘that was good.’ ”

  • Lolita Gladney, Special Projects Officer Mississippi Department of Health, MS,

    “ I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. It was very powerful, and I can sense the passion that you have for what you are doing. I applaud your courage. I will definitely and have been spreading the word about Big Tobacco. I pray that God takes you all over the world so that no one will be ignorant of what Big Tobacco is doing to people worldwide. ”

  • Susan Day, Coordinator The Gavilan Group, LLC., OK,

    “ I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Wright and hearing her speak. Her message is powerful, and she is a very well spoken, down to earth speaker. I think everyone can relate to the information that she shares. We have to stop the madness. Thank you, Ms. Wright, for being a warrior in the fight! ”

  • Marcia Peterson, Tobacco Prevention Health Educator Salt Lake Valley Health Department, UT,

    “ I had the pleasure of listening to you here in Salt Lake City when you gave an excellent presentation to those of us who work in Tobacco Prevention and Control Programs in Utah. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you and learning of the tremendous work that you have done and continue to do. You are truly a dedicated ‘pioneer’ in exposing the horrible tactics of the ‘Big Tobacco’ industry. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your years of service! ”

  • Orrie Burdine, Registered Nurse Greenville County School District, SC,

    “ Excellent speaker/presentation. This program needs to be presented to the masses. ”

  • Nancy Cripe, Tobacco Education Coordinator Tobacco Free Allen County, IN,

    “ Beyond excellent! I will become a much more critical and astute observer, and will no doubt incorporate some of the information learned in my presentations and one-on-one education with people. ”

  • David F. Keely, Tobacco Free York County, SC,

    “ Thank you for your passion and ‘cut-to-the-bone’ message—keep it up! ”

  • Bridgett Taylor, DFC Grant Coordinator Communities United Regional Network, NH,

    “ This information will help shape our next retail assessment. Thank you! Ms. Wright was very informative and knowledgeable. I learned a lot about the highly strategic planning, targeting, and marketing of tobacco companies and how it really harms low-income and minority youth. ”

  • Carlee McConnel, Research & Policy Analyst Texans Standing Tall, TX,

    “ I primarily work on alcohol prevention but will share this information with Texas tobacco prevention coalitions. ”

  • Terri May, Program Specialist Partnership for a Drug-Free North Carolina, NC,

    “ Plan to apply this information to our teen tobacco prevention program. ”

  • Christine Smith, RN/ Health Educator Jersey County Health Department (JCHD), IL,

    “ I will discuss tobacco industry practices with my students! ”

  • Emma Vaillencourt, Program Coordinator Greater Somerset Public Health Collaborative, ME,

    “ This information will be provided to the Partnership of Tobacco Free Maine in order to better our programs and decrease youth tobacco use. Great information! Thank you! ”

  • Jerri L. Collevechio, Director of Coalitions Hunterdon Prevention Resources, NJ,

    “ Great job! Plan to take this information to my coalition and develop an action plan. ”

  • Timmie Wells, Oncology Nurse Mississippi Partnership for Cancer Control, MS,

    “ I am a clinician, and this has been a major eye opener for me. I have learned a new ‘language’ and plan to learn and implement. ”

  • Karen Teel, Owner CORE Prevention Strategies, CO,

    “ This information is invaluable in understanding the manipulation that occurs in marketing and how that fuels addiction. Thank you so much! ”

  • Teresa Durso, Counselor/ Advocate Women’s Crisis Center, KY,

    “ The work and commitment you do is awesome! Thank you for the interesting, informative, inspirational, and comprehensive presentation. I will educate domestic violence survivors (families and kids) at the homeless shelter where I work and other general population. ”

  • Deborah Zysman, Executive Director Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaii, HI,

    “ Our members and partners in attendance overwhelmingly thought Follow the Signs was an excellent presentation. It was refreshing to hear truth so powerfully presented. ”

  • Charles Debnam, Community Outreach Specialist DC Tobacco Free Families, DC,

    “ Follow the Signs II: Youth & Community Leaders was excellent. I really enjoyed the way La Tanisha was able to keep the audience’s attention by incorporating humor, video, and a wealth of information. Personally, I gained so much information regarding tobacco and the techniques the Big Tobacco companies use to target the African American community and youth. ”

  • Willie C. Williams, Minister, OH,

    “ I was at one of La Tanisha’s trainings and I am glad to say that two weeks ago, since she left, I've stopped smoking. I thank her for her program, and I thank her that she inspired me to realize what cigarettes can do to you. ”

  • Travis Dread Hughes, Deputy Project Director The American Lung Association, DC,

    “ I found some of the information very shocking, and I think we all need to be aware of the dangers this may cause to many children in the community. ”

  • JaNee’ White, African American Health Program, MD,

    “ The speaker was very informative and kept the audience attention! ”

  • Odessa Ortiz, Boston Public Health Commission, MA,

    “ I have worked in Tobacco Control for 8 years and this really helped me have a better picture of the retail environment. ”

  • Lesley Becker, Prevention Coordinator Northeast Kingdom Learning Services, VT,

    “ Thank you for your dedicated work! ”

  • Cheryl Jackson, Regional Tobacco Prevention Coordinator Clay County Health Department, WV,

    “ This is the third time I have heard Ms. Wright speak. Each time I take away valuable information. ”

  • Jan Gay, Baldwin School Social Worker County Board of Education, AL,

    “ I plan to take the information and share it with students and family who smoke and use e-cigs, hookah. Very informative! ”

  • Christina Barbierri, Community Health Educator Worchester County Drug and Alcohol, MD,

    “ The tobacco contract and e-cig information were great! ”

  • Zoila Cisneros, Student Sunnyside Union, WA,

    “ I plan to use the information by letting my friends know that smoking can cause death and other bad stuff. And I will not work for the tobacco industry. ”

  • Pam Barker, VISTA Youth Coordinator Montana Tobacco Prevention Program, MT,

    “ Very dynamic speaker. Really connected with the youth in the room. ”

  • Adam Bramwell, Senior Account Supervisor Crowell Advertising, UT

    “ I was one of the lucky folks that got to hear Ms. Wright speak at our conference. She is one of those BIG NAMES in anti-tobacco that I've wanted to see speak for years now! Super fascinating presentation- the retail side of things has always been one of those pet projects that I've been casually interested in, so it was great to hear it from somebody who was in on the inside. ”

  • Seye Omiyefa, Executive Director Youth Action on Tobacco Control and Health (YATCH), Oyo State, Nigeria

    “ I am the chairman of the Tobacco Industry Monitoring Committee of the Nigeria Tobacco Control Alliance (NTCA) and the global cofacilitator for the Global Youth Action on Tobacco (GYAT). The [Big Tobacco Young Targets] documentary is something I have been looking for, for over 10 years of my fight against the BAT Nigeria. Thank you! ”

  • Angie, Mendez, Prevention Specialist Prince William County Community Services, VA,

    “ I already knew about tobacco industry lies; however, Ms. Wright brought it down! No going around the truth. Love her! ”

  • Anonymous, Student PHAST Club, CA,

    “ I met Ms. Wright at the Modesto PHAST Training ["Power of One" presentation]. I just want to let her know that she has absolutely inspired me. I've been struggling with a lot with the same issues that she did growing up and I've been feeling pretty hopeless lately but seeing her today and hearing about how happy she is and how beautiful her life is really gave me a feeling of hope. She's such a role model in my life now and I am so blessed to have been able to hear her speak. I can honestly say that it was a life changing event and I can't thank her enough! ”